Ich ist ein anderer

Ich ist ein anderer (I is somebody else) is a self-portrait which deals with the question about masking within our society.

Human beings in our society act and dress in a special way because they want to fit in. Everybody plays a roll to become accepted. It doesn‘t matter if that is in school, in a job, with colleagues, for their own family or for friends. We wear different types of masks to be in accordance with the requirements of our environment and to guard ourselves from hatred.

This work shows portraits with various ways of wearing a mask. These different types of masks within the four pictures refer to the different personas within our society. This work as a self-portrait is also an examination of the person and a self-questioning concerning our rolls within society. It‘s about searching our own existence and the questioning our own identity. This work deals with the exploration of the individual and society sourrounding them.

Bielefeld, 2009